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Byproduct Sales and Distribution, LLC "BS&D" was formed in October 2004 to originate wood byproducts through transportation, storage, sales and distribution services.  Initially, "BS&D" originated the wood byproducts as an alternative fuel source for use within specialty designed burners to Alfagreen Supreme ® an affiliated company conducting business within the commercial feed industry as a dehydrated alfalfa processing company. 

"BS&D" secures safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective fuel alternatives ranging from wood to plastics in this ever changing economy. 

In 2005, "BS&D" acquired the assets of Sauder Woodworking Company's bagged animal bedding business and Cardinal Creek Bedding in May of 2008.  These acquisitions enabled the company to swiftly enter the animal bedding industry.

"BS&D" has built their business by providing reliable service and continues to expand their business through additional sourcing agreements related to paper, plastic, wood and various byproduct ingredients and/or waste streams.

Please contact us with your business needs at 419.420.0789

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